Terrestrial and Wildlife Services

Land development requires a balance between the needs of the project and, often, multiple layers of government regulatory requirements.

AQUAPARIAN can assist the land development process from design to construction by providing:


  • baseline assessment information
  • wildlife surveys and vegetation mapping
  • environmental recommendations for project design
  • determining government agency approval requirements early on to avoid unnecessary delays
  • designing mitigation strategies or habitat compensation plans
  • construction monitoring and long-term monitoring

Our registered professional biologists will work in partnership with other biological specialists as necessary to ensure that the collection of all applicable ecological data for your project is conducted.

AQUAPARIAN remains up-to-date on new government regulations and assessment procedures to provide cost effective, timely and accurate assistance to our clients.

  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act Studies
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Biophysical assessments
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Bioengineering plans using live plantings
  • Planting plans for habitat restoration
  • Environmental constraints and opportunity assessments
  • Tree management plans
  • Heron and raptor surveys and monitoring
  • Bird nest surveys
  • Reptile and amphibian surveys
  • Bat surveys