AQUAPARIAN has extensive experience in writing Environmental Protection Plans and Management Plans to avoid or mitigate environmental damage during construction.


Our registered professional biologists also have extensive experience in construction monitoring from small stream crossing projects to large scale hydro, pipeline infrastructure and marine foreshore projects requiring monitoring of sediment inputs, turbidity upwelling, spill prevention, and the potential for adverse effects to fish, birds, terrestrial and marine mammals.

Environmental protection plansWe have a range of scientific equipment and experience to provide water quality sampling, underwater acoustic monitoring, sediment sampling and visual observations to meet your construction project’s needs, whether on land or water.

  • Environmental project management
  • Production of project specific Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)
  • Environmental Protection Plans (EPPs)
  • Monitoring wet and dry pipeline crossings
  • Erosion and sediment control plans
  • Monitoring of marine projects (dredging, pile driving and underwater blasting)
  • Project approvals and permit applications
  • Habitat restoration and compensation designs
  • Post-construction environmental assessments
  • Eelgrass surveys and transplanting